• International Jyotish Kumbha Mela – 2019

    Friday, May 30 to Sunday June 9, 2018 (11 days conference)

    • Dr. K S Charak

      Dr. K S Charak Author, EditorVedic Astrology Magazine

      Dr. K.S. Charak Renowned doctor and Vedic astrologer  Dr K S Charak (MS; FRCS) – Senior Consultant and Chief of General Surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (India)… Dr. Charak has been teaching Vedic Astrology for the last 30 years at Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in Delhi; and practicing it for the last 50 years. He has written several books appreciated all over the world. Dr Charak also leads SOSMT (http://medicalrelief.in/) , a charitable organization devoted to p...

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    • Arya Bhushan Shukla

      Arya Bhushan Shukla PresidentIndian Council of Astrological Sciences

      Arya Bhushan Shukla,  is known for his vast knowledge of Vedas and other Hindu Shastras. He has researched extensively to explain the principles of jyotisha by drawing upon the teachings of Lord Krishna in Shrimadbhagavadgita. His exposition on the teachings of Sage Parashara demonstrate the rationale behind fundamentals of astrology. He strides over the wide spectrum of esoteric as well as the prosaic aspects of practice of Vedic Astrology. He is the Honorary All India President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), founded by Dr BV Raman.

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    • Vinay Aditya

      Vinay Aditya Author, Associate EditorVedic Astrology Magazine

      Vinay Aditya has a degree in Civil engineering from IIT/Kanpur. Most of his professional life he was engaged in printing and publishing, catering to the design & print requirements of the NGOs. He has authored two books on ashtakavarga, Dots of Destiny and Practical Ashtakavarga. Both the books have been translated and published in Russian also. ...

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    • Komilla Sutton

      Komilla Sutton 

      Komilla Sutton is an internationally renowned consultant, teacher & lecturer. She is the Co-Founder & Chair of the British Association of Vedic Astrology, London.

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    • Ronnie Gale Dreyer

      Ronnie Gale Dreyer Author, Astrological consultant

      Ronnie Gale Dreyer is an internationally known astrological consultant, lecturer and teacher of Jyotish based in New York City. She has authored several Vedic Astrology books, and delivers lectures extensively for astrology groups and conferences internationally. Ronnie received her MA from Columbia University in South Asian Languages and Cultures, and wrote her thesis on Strijataka (women’s astrology).

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    • Gudrun Lewis-Schellenbeck

      Gudrun Lewis-Schellenbeck Author, Astrological consultant, PresidentEuropean Association of Vedic Astrology

      Gudrun Lewis-Schellenbeck has been working as a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years and has published many articles in the leading German astrology magazines. She is an ACVA acknowledged astrologer. She has lectured at several international conferences in Germany, England and America. She runs the EVVA (European Association of Vedic Astrology) operating from Germany.

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    • Michiel Boender

      Michiel Boender Author, Parashara's Light SoftwareGeoVision Software Inc

      Michiel Boender is the man behind Parashara's Light, the most popular and user-friendly programs for Jyotish for the last two decades. A long term spiritual practitioner, he is devoted to serious studies in Jyotish with an exceptionally innovative turn of mind.

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    • Sunil John

      Sunil John EditorSaptarishis Astrology Magazine

      Sunil John runs an online magazine Saptarishis Astrology which has become very popular all over the world in a short span of time. He is a publisher of Astrology books by profession and a teacher by passion. He has learnt many obscure and hitherto unknown Jyotish predictive techniques from his illustrious mentors which he is ever too willing to share with his students.

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    • Michael Sugarman

      Michael Sugarman Counseling Psychologist

      Michael Sugarman has been studying astrology since age 19, Vedic astrology assiduously over the past 15 years. Has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a certification in alcoholism and drug addiction counseling.

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    • Dr. Warren Blank

      Dr. Warren Blank 

      Dr. Warren Blank, President of The Leadership Group. Since 1986, Warren has a PhD and MBA from the University of Cincinnati, an M.S. in Education from Indiana University. He is the author of six books and numerous articles.

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    • Dr. Mary Ann Cooke

      Dr. Mary Ann Cooke 

      Dr. Mary Ann Cooke is Vice President of Leadership Group and she is a trained TM Teacher. She has been practicing Jyotish for number of years and she is trained teacher.

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    • Navneet Kaushik

      Navneet Kaushik 

      Navneet Kaushik IRSSE has a degree in Electronics and has spent many years working with Delhi Metro. Honoured with the title of Jyotish Kalamani, he is currently Hon. Addl. Controller of Examinations of ICAS, India. He has authored Vastu Chintamani, a comprehensive book on Vastu under the guidance of A B Shukla/ On-demand Full Comprehensive Vaastu Course

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    • Ashish Sharma

      Ashish Sharma Hon. Asstt. Controller of ExaminationsIndian Council of Astrological Sciences

      Ashish Sharma is a Jyotish Visharad from ICAS, India. He has also learnt Sanskrit and makes good use of the subject in preparing the course material. He has also written a series of articles published in Jyotish Manthan, based on Mr A.B. Shukla's classes on Jyotish Gita.

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    • Jyoti Lynn

      Jyoti Lynn 

      Jyoti Lynn was assistant to Jyotish scholar Narendra Desai for the last twelve years of his life. She has been writing for Michael Laughton’s North American Jyotish newsletter since 2017 and is a produced playwright.

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    • Linda Mackey

      Linda Mackey 

      Linda Mackey is an Austin based Vedic Astrologer. She was first introduced to Vedic Astrology when she began traveling to India in the mid-1970s. Later, she had the opportunity to live in an Ashram devoted to the tradition of Advaita Vedanta in the state of Kerala, South India for over 11 years. During this time she had the great good fortune to study Vedic Astrology with a traditional village astrologer and experience astrology as an integral part of the larger ancient spiritual tradition. There she benefited not only from the study of chart analysis; but, was also introduced to the uniqu...

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