• Learn from Great Guru Vinay Aditya, What is Nakshatra? Attributes of a Nakshatra? Where All we can apply it? 

    Upcoming Course

    Synopsis and Holistic Applications of Nakshatra Predictive Techniques 


    Having finished the course to unravel the mysteries of each nakshatra individually, we are launching a follow up series of five sessions to integrate the knowledge of nakshatras to further support analysis of a chart. 

    Course Fees – $159 [5 sessions of 90 minutes each]

    These 5 sessions will cover  :

    • Pairing of Nakshatras for auspicious and inauspicious results
    • Groupings of Nakshatras under different headings for various applications
    • Comparisons between the different nakshatras belonging to the same lord
    • Jeeva Shareera Theory and its application in deciphering dasha results
    • Raj yogas through Nakshatras
    • Transit and Nakshatras

    The course is open to all the advanced and intermediate students of Jyotish. If you did not join the first 27 sessions devoted to individual nakshatras but are familiar with them in a general way you will benefit with these sessions.


    Interested in taking complete set of 27 Individual Nakshatra & Chart Analysis ON-DEMAND

    1: Nakshatra & Chart Analysis – Part I

    Vinay Aditya will be taking a series of webinars on Nakshatras. First, we will go cumulatively and then individually about each Nakshatra and understand the very rich material hidden behind the Nakshatras. This will include nearly all aspects of Nakshatras, such as the Sanskrit name and their meaning, Deity, Lordship, Mythological story, and their natural characteristics as judged on several different parameters. More Info…

    2: Continued Nakshatra & Chart Analysis – Part II

    Nakshatra & Chart Analysis [Advanced Level I] consists of 16 webinars, (it does include 10 individual Nakshatra sessions (to complete the Individual Nakshatra of Nakshatra & Chart Analysis Part I) + Synopsis and holistic application of Nakshatra predictive techniques Nakshatra & Comprehensive group session Nakshatra.

    About the Shri Vinay Aditya

    Vinay Aditya has a degree in Civil engineering from IIT/Kanpur. Most of his professional life he was engaged in printing and publishing, catering to the design & print requirements of the NGOs.

    He has authored two books on ashtakavarga, Dots of Destiny and Practical Ashtakavarga. Both the books have been translated and published in Russian also. Dots of Destiny has its Hindi version too that goes by the name Bhagya Bindu. 

    He has been teaching Vedic Astrology in India with ICAS for about a quarter century. He has also taught at ACVA (America), BAVA (England), and EVVA (Europe), the well-known organizations devoted to Vedic Astrology. He has been a visiting faculty at EVVA, and at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Pennsylvania, USA, for nearly two decades.

    He has also been teaching Palmistry at ICAS Delhi Chapter-1 since the year 2000. He has also authored a book on Palmistry titled Palmistry: Sutra and Siddhanta, in English and Hindi both.

    He was the Associate Editor of Vedic Astrology (VA), (edited by Dr K S Charak) in which he contributed regularly on varied astrology subjects. 

    He has been conferred by ICAS the titles of Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish Kalamani and Jyotish Brihadacharya, and has been appointed a guide to the research students. He was nominated as a National Vice President, Academic Advisory Council headed by Justice S N Kapoor. He has also been presented with the Jyotisha Param Vishishta Seva Medal.




    : Sarah Chenkin

     Thanks Minakshi. What a wonderful class. His approach is so creative.


    : Anjan Dave

    Just finished 6th lecture of basic. Convey to Vinay ji please that his style of teaching through a chart, house by house is extremely helpful. Very nice

    Vinay ji is so fantastic with explaining and teaching fundamental astrology so systematically!

    Looking forward to future sessions.

    I had a request can we pls have a separate session on Ashtakavarga by Vinay ji soon. He brought it up so many times in yesterday’s class and I have been trying to study and understand it since last Jyotish Mela.


    : Sumi Radhika

    Vinay’s presentation of bhava vicara was so helpful and cleared up a lot of questions I’ve had for a long time. I just want to make sure I understand the principles he presented.

    Special Appreciation from RamJi & Himanshu Pathak .. 


    : JulieS

     I enjoyed it very much and was impressed by the wealth of knowledge shared. I wish I had been able to join when the first part started.