Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I am very interested in joining the Jyotish mela conference but can not afford the fee. What can I do? 

    A: Arsha Jyotish was formed to facilitate easy availability of knowledge of Jyotisha to all the serious seekers. We recognize the financial hardships faced by many seekers who have devoted their lifetime to the study of Jyotir Vidya (the knowledge of Jyotisha) and understand the implications of that. Please register on and do reach out to to discuss your individual situation. We always, without any exception welcome serious seekers and will go out of our way to facilitate your participation. 

    Q: I live in <fill the blank> and the timings of some of the sessions are not suitable for me to join. Can I join partial sessions? 

    A: The smallest quantum of sessions you can register for is a weekend. In today’s virtual world we expect many seekers to join from multiple time zones and therefore it will not be possible to use to make a schedule that works for everyone. However we are committed to publish recordings of each session in a very timely manner to provide as continuous an experience as possible. We also encourage you to submit any offline questions to and we will try to get those addressed in due course. 

    Q: I would like to review and revise the sessions after the webinar gets over. How can I do that? 

    A: All registered users enrolled for a particular weekend or the whole conference will have access to the recordings from that weekend or the whole conference for a full year. You can review these recordings as many times as needed. Please login to your account on, on Dashboard, look for Online Courses Then My Courses – Click on course name. Window will popup with all the class recordings. at your leisure. So we suggest you focus on live interaction during the sessions and take notes/ send offline questions later as appropriate. 

    Q: Where can I see a full listing of all the topics, speakers and schedule? 

    A: Please visit to see the latest and up to date schedule of sessions along with topics and speakers. []

    Q: Is the early bird price still available? 

    A: We are sorry but the early bird pricing expired on 23rd August but please see our answer to the question about financials. Please do reach out to us if needed to discuss your individual situation and we would be happy to help in any way possible. 

    Q: What is your association with Arsha Vidya Gurukulam? 

    A: Jyotish mela was started by Rakesh Sharma ji in 1994 at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam to formalize the teachings of Jyotisha and introduce shastra based teachings to the audience in North America. It came into being through the regular classes of Jyotisha that Rakesh had started a few years prior on instruction from Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji. We are forced to conduct this conference online because of the global pandemic otherwise all of the previous 25 conferences were held at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam and hope to be back to those spiritual and serene surroundings next year. 

    A major portion of the revenue from this conference is donated to the Gurukulam to support their operations.

    Q: I am enrolled in the conference and have made the payment. How should I join the sessions? 

    A: Please login to your account on and On your Dashboard, Click on Online Courses, navigate to My Courses, click on ‘International Jyotish Mela 2020 – Full Conference or Weekend’ window will pop-up with all the information. You should find the link to the zoom conference there. We are also sending out calendar invites with a zoom conference link to all registered users from, Please do check your promotion or spam folders in your email id with which you registered on In case you are facing trouble, please feel free to send an email to or send us a tweet by tagging our twitter handle (@jyotish232232). Do Join our WhatsApp group for last minute questions