16 Weeks Aahara Vihara Course

  • Ayurveda ‘Three Pillars of Health’ by Dr. Parthasarathy and Why should you join the Aahara Vihara Course?

    Sunday, 27th June

    10:30 AM EDT

    6 LIVE Webinars of 90 minutes + 26 Hours of Webinar Recordings! 


    Course curriculum

    During the webinar,

    1 -: Basic of Ayurveda principles

    2 -: Dosha, Dhatu

    3-: Concept of Agni 

    4-: 8 Aspects of food as explained by Charaka Acharya 

    5-: 6 W’s in Food 

    6-: Concept of Aama

    7-: Concept of Immunity/ Balam 

    8-: Much more! 

    Pointers 16-week Course “Aahara Vihara” (Aahara – food, Vihara Regimen)

    Modules are planned this way,
    I – Basic Principles of Ayurveda
    II – Natural cycles, Dincharya and Food
    III – Food Properties
    IV – Practical Applications

    More information 
    Mentor will be assigned – You will have opportunity to work with your mentor to facilitate your understanding.
    Course Materials & Questions – Will be provided! 
    Certificate of completion will provided! at the end of the course.  
    Questions – ms@jyotish.com
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    Complimentary Session ‘Introduction to Aahara Vihara Principles
    Date & Time – Sunday, 13 June, 10:30 AM EDT
    Duration – 90 Minutes
    During the webinar, you will learn
    1. Basic principles of Aahara Vihara. 
    2. Why is food is so important component? 
    3. What is the importance of proper food and lifestyle?  
    4. How is the fast paced – 16 weeks Aahara Vihara Course structured and why should you join it?
    Questions – ms@jyotish.com

    About Dr Parthasarathy

    Director & Chief Medical Officer

    University: Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayavarthanavelu Ayurvedalayasulting 

    Dr. Parthasarathy.R is a practicing Ayurveda Vaidya currently heading Swami Dayananda Jayavarthanevelu Ayurvedalaya( SDJ Ayurvedalaya) as a Director & Chief Medical Officer.
    Dr. Parthasarathy completed his 6 years Ayurveda Training from the Most reputed Ayurveda College of AVP affiliated to Dr. MGR Medical University and then completed a short term Post Graduation Certificate course in Good Clinical Practices course from FRLHT-IAIM, Bangalore with a second rank. 

    Prior to taking over this mission at SDJ on the Invitation and blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji, Dr. Parthasarathy heading of the International Training Academy and a Branch Hospital of the well-known Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) and has served as Course Director for many courses organized in collaboration with Universities and Organizations in India, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Spain & Indonesia